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Award-winning Sonic Branding

Powered by Music Intelligence


To build brand love
through music and sound

Sonic Identity Systems

Today's brands need holistic and flexible branding systems. 

Sonic branding is evolving at breakneck speed,

and we are pushing the boundaries of this exciting frontier

by creating the world's most sophisticated sonic identity systems.

Creative Director of the Year - 2023

Sonic Lens is a standard-bearer for the future of creativity in branding.  Using the power of music to communicate with people, Vitali is a modern creative leader who is moving the industry forward.  One judge said, "I loved the energy and enthusiasm he puts in the briefing process," while others thought Vitali's unique take on creativity was clearly award-winning.  One praised his "capabilities and excellence," while another was impressed by his "world-class methodology of sonic creativity."  He is pioneering a more creative, future-proofed brand industry.

Brand Strategist of the Year - 2022
Judges were impressed by Sonic Lens' new way of conceptualizing sonic branding, making them a worthy winner of this year's Transform Awards "Brand strategist of the year".  One judge commented, "Their contribution to brands is invaluable. They create fantastic work which is equally scientific as it is creative.

Holistic Approach

We find the right mix of music intelligence, creative and amplification to supercharge your sonic strategy and audio branding.
We provide expertise across our 360 mix of sonic services

Music Intelligence

Music intelligence is a distillation process that marries research, data, analytics and strategy.  The end result is more accurate and strategy driven creative and scalable sonic identity systems.

Platinum Experience

We treat brands like bands.
We understand how to create music and sound at the very highest levels, and why this level of creative and expertise builds real brand love. 
Creative Experience

Sonic Lens has worked with award winning artists, but many more artists who work behind the scenes.  A former creative partner of legendary producer Nile Rodgers, our founder has worked as performer, producer and writer with some of the world's top talent.

Production Experience

We pride ourselves on putting quality and authenticity above everything else.  We determine the needs of each sonic branding project first.  Then we're able to orchestrate all the creative and production variables to achieve the very best production.


Nile + Marco picture.jpeg

Nile Rodgers, Multi-Grammy, Hall of Fame Producer

Before launching SONIC LENS, Marco Vitali had a partnership working for brands with legendary music producer Nile Rodgers.
In this video Nile describes how they worked together using insights from "music intelligence" to fuel their creative process.
Nile Rodgers with Marco Vitali (Sonic Lens)



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