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Our Work

We pride ourselves on sophistication, strategy, creativity and results.
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Our Mission

To build brand love
through music and sound.
To provide the most strategic and holistic sonic branding
so sound can play a more strategic role in marketing
and become a more powerful tool for brands.

Our Approach

Holistic sonic branding requires a new way of thinking. 

In fact, it requires more thinking. That's why we use "Music Intelligence" to drive a more accurate, holistic and strategic approach to sound,

with a more powerful impact on your branding and marketing.

Music Intelligence

Music intelligence is a distillation process that marries research, data, analytics and strategy.  The end result is more accurate and strategy driven creative and scalable sonic identity systems.

Our Experience

Brands should be more like bands and artists. 

Any piece of music coming from an authentic band feels on-brand. 
Artists develop what we call "a sound".  All their music identifies them,
and in turn fans identify with these bands in a deep and powerful way.
We treat brands like bands, and we have vast experience with both.
Creative Experience

Sonic Lens has worked with award winning artists, but many more artists who work behind the scenes.  A former creative partner of legendary producer Nile Rodgers, our founder has worked as performer, producer and writer with some of the world's top talent.  

Production Experience

We pride ourselves on putting quality and authenticity above everything else.  We determine the needs of each sonic branding project first.  Then we're able to orchestrate all the creative and production variables to achieve the very best production.

Our Services

We provide expertise across our 360 mix of sonic services

We find the right mix of music intelligence, creative and amplification to supercharge your sonic strategy and audio branding.
Sonic Lens offers process, experience, and world class partnerships
to provide holistic sonic branding.
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