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Promax Europe
"Put Music First"

We have a very simple mission - we want you to think more about music - not make it an afterthought.  Put music first.  Make it work harder for you, for your work, for your brand.  Give it the time it deserves so you can really think it through instead of slapping it on your work as an afterthought.  

In 2019, Sonic Lens founder Marco Vitali shared the stage with ECDs from Disney Junior and History Channel to share how their approach to sound made a difference in accuracy, flexibility and results. 

At this time, Marco was running Nile-Evoke - a partnership with his manager and creative partner Nile Rodgers.  which later became Sonic Lens Agency.


Andrew Cort.jpg

Andrew Cort - ECD Disney 

“Throughout the project, the attention to detail was astounding.  They used extensive data and research to test sounds and musical styles. It enabled us to pinpoint specific connection points with our audience with laser accuracy and deliver on key objectives from our brief.”

Kenny Reynolds.jpg

Kenny Reynolds - ECD History

Kenny oversees creative for all A+E networks in EMEA territories and joined onstage to share the 'music intelligence' that guided the sonic rebrand of HISTORY which won Gold at Transform Awards as well as Music + Sound and Promax nominations.

Marco Vitali headshot 1.jpg

Marco Vitali - ECD Sonic Lens

Marco oversees sonic branding at Sonic Lens and the deep sonic branding process that helped both Disney and History create powerful brand identities that are more flexible than what is standard in TV, including helping drive non-linear and social content.

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