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Brand Strategist of the Year


Marco Vitali went on a truly unusual and extraordinary journey before entering the world of brand development. From Juilliard violin ‘prodigy’ to Wall Street trader to business partner with legendary producer Nile Rogers to collaborator with Grammy artists, he amassed an enormous range of skills and insights to fuel his creative work at Sonic Lens, an audio brand agency.


Now a brand strategist, creative director and managing partner at the agency, his work centers around the concept of ‘music intelligence’; a sophisticated, data-driven means of consulting brands. Vitali believes sound is a powerful branding tool, yet it is often overlooked. This new process, he believes, will revolutionize the world of branding by making creative work more holistic, powerful and cohesive. This is evidenced by the remarkably high quality work done with Oxygen and the History Channel.


Indeed, Vitali’s work with Al Jazeera – which utilized music intelligence – won numerous awards as well as winning over those in the higher echelons of the organization. “They have produced a unique audio brand for the Al Jazeera English channel that combines flexibility and diversity; and blended an endless range of sounds and techniques that together paint a picture that has contributed to our institutional brand,” commented Giles Trendle, managing director at Al Jazeera.


Judges were impressed by Vitali’s new way of conceptualizing sonic branding, making him a worthy winner of this year’s Transform Awards ‘Brand strategist of the year’. One judge commented, “His contribution to brands is invaluable. He creates fantastic work which is equally scientific as it is creative.”

Referenced Works

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Oh, what a night!

The Transform Awards gala also awarded SONIC LENS bronze for "Best Audio Branding" for Church's Chicken

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