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Working with RZA!

"When RZA called me to ask if I could help with his show on Hulu, I thought it was just another recording session.  Instead, I got to be a character in the story of Wu Tang, and I got to play a Juilliard violinist (which I am) and be directed as an actor not only by RZA himself, but by others like Mario Von Peebles.

Needless to say, this is one of the coolest experiences I've ever had, and a huge honor once I realized how important this character was in RZA and Wu Tang's artistic development."

- Marco Vitali, founder of Sonic Lens


Season 3, Episode 10

RZA pushes his musicianship to new heights as he creates Wu-Tang Forever with a studio orchestra, but the recording process strains the Clan. In this episode, Sonic Lens' Marco Vitali plays the orchestra leader / violinist and the clan resents classical musicians changing their sound.  RZA is upset they doubt his vision until he prevails with the first hip hop album to reach #1 in the world.


"Pioneer the Frontier"
Season 2, Episode 4

RZA makes a risky move to squash an old beef.  Before the Wu was a crew, some were enemies from the streets of Staten Island.  He meets them on a ferry where they're stuck together for 2 hours where he convinces them of his vision.  Marco Vitali of Sonic Lens plays the busker violinist who reminds them the beauty of music is a better alternative to the drug game.

Hulu Trailer
Season 2

Marco Vitali of Sonic Lens gets a quick cameo in this Hulu trailer as a busker playing violin on the Staten Island Ferry, a premonition of what will become the main violin riff on the hit single "Reunited".

"8 Diagrams"

It's a blessing to be on RZA's call list.  Among other projects, Marco Vitali of Sonic Lens had the pleasure of playing on 4 tracks on this album!


Get to Know Us

And a special shout out to my former manager Sofia Chang who fostered my creative relationship  with RZA and so many other brilliant artists and producers so many years ago.  I am forever grateful to you and Nile Rodgers, our patron and role model.

- Marco Vitali

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