We partner with our clients.

Andrew Cort

Disney Junior

Kenny Reynolds

A&E Networks

Marco Vitali


We have experience partnering with client brand teams across TV/Entertainment, FMCG, QSRs, Telecom, Pharma, News, Toys, and Cosmetics including ...

  • Fortune 100 brands x 4

  • Fortune’s 100 Most Admired Brands x 3

  • Top 10 Best Audio Brands of 2020 x 1

By partnering with brand stakeholders as consultant, creative director, and conductor of all the moving parts, we give clients the power and tools to design their own sonic strategy in a way that integrates across their marketing mix.  

We partner with our artists.

Sonic Lens founder Marco Vitali was formerly managed by legendary music producer Nile Rodgers (Bowie, Madonna, Daft Punk).  During this tenure he collaborated as writer, producer and musician with some of the most incredible artists in the world.  Prior to Sonic Lens, Marco had partnered with Nile to deliver "music intelligence" to global brands where brands, bands and fans intersect.

Thus began the Sonic Lens legacy of working as true creative partners with all artists we engage – creative directing the world’s most appropriate talent, big and small, depending upon the needs of each project.