We created music intelligence to marry analytics, strategy and creative

Research is the key to analysis, an important first step in the sonic branding process. Sonic branding applies to the master brand, therefore it is vitally important to learn from the competitive landscape and identify your strategic niche within it.

Our analytics are based on DATA from thousands of objective and subjective data points that empower brand marketers to draw actionable intel and a more strategic perspective.

Holding a marketing lens to music and sound is what sets us apart as a sonic branding agency, and our multimedia presentations allow us to share insights and incorporate interactive exercises that empower brand stakeholders to apply marketing and branding strategy to sound.

Our briefs are described as the high-water mark for the industry by the most discerning global clients as well as Oscar and Grammy winning composers. Rich multimedia briefs ensure all parties have a clear understanding of exactly what will be created, removing creative risk for both clients and artists.

Creative is guided by strategy and insight instead of just feelings and opinion, aligning it with ROI and engagement.