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Our "Sound-on" world

A brand sound is a powerful voice.

Every sonic touch-point is an opportunity to expand a brand’s halo and personality.

Each holds potential branding and engagement opportunities.

We believe this complex sonic-sphere is a new frontier, and we believe it deserves a sophisticated, disciplined and truly strategic approach.

It’s too important to not get it perfect.

TV Spots

Sound is about 8x more powerful than visuals for generating brand recall.

Since only 16% of tv advertising is remembered the next day and correctly attributed, we believe SOUND is the most important branding tool available to marketers.


Ipsos study 2020

Social Media

  • 26% of consumers’ daily listening time is on mobile devices, and 2/3rd US digital audio listeners will access content via mobile by 2021.
  • IG Stories are 60% “sound on”, garnering over 500 million views daily, a 250% increase in 2 years.
  • According to Snapchat, video ads are 65% “sound on”, and a stunning 90% of 13-24y use Snapchat daily.
  • 2.45 billion daily users with 74% ‘high earners’. Engagement on this platform is highly ‘sound-on’ and should ladder up to a consistent brand sound.

Artists & Influencers

The right brand – artist partnership can extend reach, influence, and relevance.

We’ve collaborated with legendary artists across records and branding projects. When the brand-artist fit is perfect, music can supercharge a brand across every touchpoint.

Music Driven Platforms

  • TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world, with 2 billion downloads, 800 million monthly users worldwide. It is no longer just for teenagers, and brand integration is a new frontier for marketers seeking relevance.
  • Triller is another music driven platform with 26.5M monthly users in US. Users making content (music videos) spend 2 hours average, while viewers spend 20 minutes daily. Investors include Snoop Dogg, The Weekend, Marshmello, Kendrick Lamar, etc.
  • 47% of on-demand music streaming takes place on YouTube and YouTube ads command an attention rate of 62% (television registers 45%). YouTube users account for 45% of world’s entire online population.

Live Events

Average conversion to BRAND LIKABILITY

Experiencing music, whether stadium, Coachella or micro-festivals has a track record of building deep connections with consumers, especially if the music is relative and natural. Brands with a sonic strategy in place can ensure these opportunities progress their relevance and increase attribution – building long lasting “brand love”.


Thought leaders

  • “An audio strategy is no longer nice to have… it is just as important as a brand’s visual identity”
    – MasterCard’s CMO Raja Rajamannar
  • “Audio is a way to pivot “from mass marketing with lots of waste to mass precision: to one to one brand building using data and digital technology”
    – P&G’s CMO Marc Pritchard
  • “We think we have a real opportunity to start to think about audio branding in a really holistic way, not just as a button on a commercial. That’s work we need to do.”
    – Target’s CMO Rick Gomez

In-store Music & Sound

Music On

Over half of customers believe that in-store music should fit with the brand identity, and 44% will actually leave a store if they believe that the music is wrong for the brand.

95% of customers believe that music improves their shopping experience, while 71% will spent more time in a shop where they appreciate the music, and nearly a third say that they would return because of music they enjoyed.

75% of managers/business owners agreed that allowing staff to listen to music helps team working/team bonding; 80% of customers noticed an improvement in staff morale with the addition of music; and managers saw a 18% increase in productivity and 6.7% reduction in absenteeism.

Music Off

83% of shoppers believe that silence makes a place feel unfriendly and unwelcoming. 41% of customers saying they would react negatively to silence


With 1/3 of Millennials listening to 5 + podcasts per week, podcasts deliver highly targeted consumers, with a 25% purchase rate and 60% research rate on products advertised.

No wonder this is the fastest growing
audio segment surpassing $1B by 2021.

Smart Speakers

By the year 2022…

  • 30% of all purchases will be screenless.
  • $40 billion expected value of voice shopping industry
  • 50%+ U.S. homes will have smart speakers



Whether it’s voice, music, sound design, ‘ear-cons’ – brands must become identifiable via audio in screenless environments – and these sounds must ladder up to a coherent sonic master brand.