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Coca-Cola’s “One brand” approach 

Coke has adopted a "one-brand" approach as a strategic branding decision that will bring its multiple brands under one umbrella  with a single campaign, rather than running separate campaigns for diet coke and Coke Zero. The new campaign will take Coke in a new, more humble direction. The campaign has been spearheaded by The Ogilvy New York, Sra. Rushmore of Madrid, Santo of Buenos Aires and Mercado-McCann of Argentina.  Sonic strategy and branding run by  Deviant Ventures and Coke's former Head of Music, Umut Ozaydinli - onboarding Sonic Lens for their expertise in sonic branding to help bring the project to fruition.

"Taste the Feeling" campaign which puts Coke at the center of ordinary moments not only includes 10 TV spots, digital, print and retail campaigns but also has a new audio brand signature tune.


The New "Taste the Feeling" Audio Signature

Singable Tagline

Coke was launching a new campaign with the new global tag line “Taste the Feeling”.  So, a new melody was created and built around it, making it singable in order to improve its memorability and enhance brand awareness. 

TTF singable tagline notated.png

Moreover, the intrinsic sounds of enjoying this classic modern beverage were incorporated into the structure of the audio signature’s rhythm and melodic phrasing. The new sound design thus evokes the positive experience associated with the product, placing the new tagline centre stage inseparably across all communication media.

Intrinsic Sound Design

The "Taste the Feeling" Anthem Song 
Radio Release
Coke Avicii Ad Age cover.png
Song Versions for TVCs
"Intrinsic" Soundworld of Coca-Cola
Sonic Toolkit - Enjoying Coca-Cola
"Theater of the Mind" Sonic Journeys
Sound is a visceral way to evoke the Coca-Cola product experience.  One does not need to see the product or people interacting with it to evoke the joy it elicits.

This example takes us on a sonic journey from refrigerator to sliding across a wooden table to being shared by friends as part of a fun party experience.
Sound Design in Audio Signatures
NFT Collectibles
The Sound Visualizer illustrates the instantly recognizable sonics of enjoying a Coca‑Cola: from the pop of the bottle opening and sound of the drink being poured over ice, to the unmistakeable fizz and “ahhh” that accompanies that first sip, through a “living” iteration of the iconic Coca‑Cola red disc that visualizes these audio cues. This project is a Coke produced example of the "intrinsic sounds" concept.
Audio Brand Guidelines
Bespoke Assets
Flexible brand anthem / song
  • variety of genres and  languages

Flexible audio signature
  • variety of vocals / languges / keys / genres

Sound design toolkit
  • variety of "thirst" and "satisfaction" sfx
Brain of the Campaign

Deviant Ventures was Coca-Cola's sonic agency of record and onboarded Sonic Lens to bring added expertise to the complete overhaul of their sonic strategy and sonic branding.

Deviant Ventures is led by one of the most celebrated icons in sonic branding history, Mr. Umut Ozaydinli, Coca-Cola's first Head of Music, and the man responsible for inserting their previous iconic "Open Happiness" melody into K'naan's "Wavin' Flag" which became the unofficial anthem of the World Cup 2010 and witnessed stadiums full of soccer fans as well as star footballers singing and dancing to Coke's brand melody in front of global audiences....a song that was #1 on iTunes in 17 countries, helped boost volume sales in Coke's largest markets by 6%, and saved nearly $90 million in costs.


The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, USA

Joe Belliotti, Rodolfo Echeverria

Ad Agency

The Ogilvy New York

Sra. Rushmore of Madrid

Santo of Buenos Aires

Mercado-McCann of Argentina


Music Agency

Deviant Ventures, New York, USA

Music Producer

Umut Ozaydinli / Deviant Ventures

Marco Vitali / Sonic Lens

Creative Direction

Umut Ozaydinli / Deviant Ventures

Marco Vitali / Sonic Lens

Artist / Music Producer


Conrad Sewell


Composers / Sound Designers

Michael Ballou

Marco Vitali

Alan Friedman


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