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Carving out a caring but unique sound

Music intelligence helped Stouffer's carve out an ownable sonic niche. Music intelligence revealed the perfect sonic DNA that reflects its freshness, comfort and trust.  Extensive analysis and workshopping resulted in a unique blend of folky acoustic and a small orchestra. Center stage features small wooden strung instruments.

Live 'folk orchestra'
GTR + ORCH_edited.jpg
Sonic Positioning
Stouffer's Anthem
Stouffer's Audio Signature
The Sonic Strategy


Music Intelligence helped Stouffer's define a clear sonic strategy.  This enabled all parties to align with confidence before production began, reducing creative risk and increasing accuracy.


Wunderman Thompson 

Creative Director

Marco Vitali / Sonic Lens

Paul Greco / Wunderman

Food / FMCG


Naren Rausch

Marco Vitali


Executive Music Producer

Paul Greco

Marco Vitali 

Elias Constantopedos 

Nicole Brady

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