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"Best Sound Design in Branding" -  Music+Sound Awards

Sonic Lens worked closely with the team at Oxygen to create a sonic strategy and an audio brand that could be used everywhere and for everything.  It was recognized at Music+Sound Awards for it's pioneering use of sound design to add dimension to visual branding and engage viewers by appealing to their inner detective.  Oxygen now has the most holistic sonic identity system in tv.

(Sonic Identity System)

Having a Sonic Identity System in place has allowed OXYGEN to activate sonic branding in hundreds of unique variations.


Our modular approach uses 3 pillars of our sound - SFX, Melody and 'Earcon'.  These are flexible and independent, thus providing solutions for every sonic branding opportunity.

3 Pillar Strategy
Total flexibility
A sonic branding option for any situation.


OXYGEN Networks / NBC Universal


Creative Director

Yanik Archer / NBC Universal

Executive Producer

Andrew Killoy / NBC Universal

Entertainment / TV

Miguel Sierra

Nicholas O'Toole

Michael Ballou

Marco Vitali

Creative Director
Marco Vitali / Sonic Lens


Executive Music Producer

Marco Vitali / Sonic Lens 

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