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How can History Channel connect their vast portfolio across reality tv, premium historical dramas and multichannel?

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Gold – History Channel / A&E Networks and Sonic Lens

Sonic Lens worked with A&E Networks to create an audio brand for the History Channel. It had to sit comfortably alongside both programming of immense production value and gritty, reality shows, and everything in between. To achieve this flexibility, while still creating an ownable system, Sonic Lens used classic rock, a pioneering spirit and the notion of time as inspirations. Judges thought it was a well-developed strategy that linked history together with music. “A bold, but sensible approach - the result is convincing."

Case study
Flexibility is paramount.

The mnemonic is the keystone to the HISTORY CHANNEL sonic identity system.  It has to work be flexible enough to fit naturally into every possible situation, style and mood.  Yet, this is not enough.  This melody should also have the ability to blend seamlessly into scores across all musical styles.

Mnemonic flexibility
Musical flexibility
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Growing HISTORY's brand halo across content and touchpoints.

Touchpoint mapping
Sonic Strategy
Social : "History Bite"
Social : Vikings GIF
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Where did the Sound of History Channel come from? 

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History's audience has highest affinity scores with classic rock.
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History's brand values have a strong correlation to classic rock.
Brand Values

Hands in the Dirt



Music Intelligence revealed an extremely strong musical correlation between HISTORY's brand values and the music of rock pioneers - artists like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix who personified the spirit of people who make history - not afraid to get their hands dirty, go against the grain, show some grit.  Like History's audience.  

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Classic rock contains unique elements
The "Epic Downbeat"
The Octave

The 'Epic Downbeat' and use of the Octave as a melodic device are uniquely early rock devices.  A melody with these qualities would evoke the core DNA of the HISTORY brand no matter what style of music is being used.

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Rock in its heart, then felt everywhere
Signature melody - classic rock
Signature melody - everywhere

The melody for HISTORY's mnemonic had to feel authentic as a classic rock riff first, but designed to translate across any other style.  This extends HISTORY brand DNA across everything they do - authentic at it's very heart.

A+E Networks / History Channel


Creative Director

Matthew Neary / A+E Networks

Executive Producer

Tim Nolan / A+E Networks
Kate Leonard / A+E Networks

Entertainment / TV

Stephen LaRosa

Marco Vitali

Wayne Sharpe

Jonathan Martin Berry

Creative Director
Marco Vitali / Sonic Lens


Executive Music Producer

Marco Vitali / Sonic Lens 

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