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DISNEY JUNIOR EMEA - sonic rebrand

How does music make Disney Junior more fun and create a more character driven experience?

Disney Junior wanted to use music to reflect the way the channel had evolved - becoming more fun, character driven, interactive and modern with an uncanny ability to make you smile.  We used extensive research and music intelligence to create a sonic identity system which raised 'love it' scores to an unprecedented 96%, moving the needle on all branding and viewing intent metrics, and sweeping Promax UK gold.

Sonic Lens used extensive data and research to test sounds and musical styles. This enabled us to pinpoint specific connection points with our audience and deliver on key objectives of our original brief.
Promax awards photo-Disney Junior_edited.jpg

Brand Anthem
"Yea Yea" 

The new campaign was launched with a rally cry to kids to "join in" with Disney characters.  The song is designed to be modular.  This allows Disney to promote any combination of shows by swapping song sections.

The Disney Junior Mnemonic

The Disney Junior mnemonic was designed to "Mickey Mouse" the actions of the animated logo reveals.  Before creating any music, we discovered a consistent rhythm/timing used by Disney animators.  We designed a mnemonic that matches these hit points rhythmically and musically. 

Behind the curtain - the Creative Brief

Before creating music we developed an in-depth creative brief filled with music and sound and lots of inspiration about what to do and what to avoid.  We've risen the bar for creative briefing in our industry because it allows our artists to focus their talents within a well defined creative sandbox.  For Disney, this ensured the music hits all the right buttons.


Disney Junior EMEA



TV / Entertainment


Composers & Artists

Michael Ballou (composer)

Marco Vitali (producer)

Esjay Jones (lead vocal)

Zachary Seabolt (lead vocal)

Award wins

Promax UK 2019 “Best Kids Song”

Promax UK 2019 “Best Kids Originated”


Award noms

Promax Global Excellence 2020 “Best use of Music”

Music + Sound Awards 2020 “Best original composition in a TV promo/trailer”

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