JP MORGAN CHASE - sonic rebrand

How did an Abbey Road recording save Chase millions of dollars and help humanize the bank?

Chase Bank wanted to own an iconic piece of music as part of a brand refresh.  At this point the bank spent millions of dollars licensing iconic songs per year - the biggest spender in US.  They decided to develop an anthem that captured the full spirit of Chase bank.   This would humanize the brand andconvey an empowering optimism, heartwarming, forward thinking and cinematic.  We recorded the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.


"So you can" would be a campaign of vignettes with distinct brand moments.  We decided to work with film composers because of their ability to write and develop thematic music.  We collaborated with John Lunn (Emmy / Downton Abbey) to create a suite containing 3 recognizable melodies that are later adopted in different styles to fit seamlessly across all spots in the campaign.


The JPMorgan Chase Anthem was brought to life at Abbey Road with the London Symphony Orchestra and choir.

This music was then flexed across the massive "So You Can" campaign.



As Creative Director, Marco Vitali analyzed the music of contracted Oscar winning film composers against the emotional and functional goals of Chase to identify areas of strength and weakness, identify what musical characteristics trigger these areas, and help Mr. Lunn sculpt and revise an orchestral composition that would eventually score 5/5 on all emotional goals to agency and client.


JPMorgan Chase




Cord US


Executive Producers

Jerry Krenach

Marco Vitali



Banking / Finance


John Lunn (composer of Downton Abbey)


Creative Director

Marco Vitali

Jerry Krenach



Abbey Road : Studio A and Studio B




London Symphony Orchestra