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FRUTTARE / UNILEVER - sonic branding / new product

How did music and sonic identity help supercharge Unilever's biggest global launch of the year?

Best Audio Strategy
Audio Branding Awards
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Giles Trendle, Managing Director
Al Jazeera English

We published the new TVC on FB and got thousands of messages from our community asking “Oh my God guys, what’s this song, it’s amazing, how can I find this song?!

We knew we had a great asset, and this pushed us to develop more and more content.

Original Fruttare Brand Anthem

Remix by Tiësto, Dutch DJ / Producer

Fruttare's launch revolved around capturing the 'It's all good' essence of millennials - feelings associated with summer music festivals around the world.

Summer Music Festival
discovery / analysis

Our goal was to uncover current trends within the global music festival market and identify key festivals in each respective region as best correlating to Fruttare’s “It’s all good” brand ethos.             .

We analyzed festival genres, artists, attendance, sponsorships, etc. We also identified musical characteristics that would define the sound of summer and the sound of Fruttare.

Analyzing the sonic landscape

We analyzed 70+ brands and 150+ TVCs, providing case studies on best of breed branding, competitive positioning, and global and local trends.

We looked at the musical characteristics of these communications and looked for use of popular song, consistency of sonic identity, mood, instrumentation, and sonic strategy.

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Fruttare needed a precisely targeted musical sensibility would ensure Fruttare does not cannibalize other Unilever ice cream brands.  This led to the most comprehensive sonic analysis of global summer music festivals and global ice cream brands ever conducted.
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Creating an ecosystem around Fruttare’s “It’s All Good” ethos lived at the heart of a sonic strategy connecting music festivals to how millennials relate to summer around the world, resulting in an anthem and sonic identity system that would tie it all together
Demographic sectors.png
Fruttare music strategy3.png

Creating a smart sonic strategy

Aljazeera won gold for their interstitial campaigns which uses a vast sonic toolkit of audio signatures and sound design in different styles and musical keys.

Interstitials are made by matching our branded 'style tracks' with footage from Aljazeera documentaries.


Aljazeera English



TV / Entertainment



Wayne Sharpe

Michael Ballou

Asuka Ito

Nicholas O’Toole

Marco Vitali

Award wins

Music + Sound Awards 2020

Promax Global Excellence 2020

NY Film + TV Awards 2021


Award noms

D&AD 2020 - Shortlist

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