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ATB Sonic Branding
How did ATB use music to change their brand archetype... and embrace a grassroots cultural movement "bedroom pop" in Canada?

Winner : Best Audio Branding 2024

ATB is a regional Canadian bank in a crowded market – where all banks use mnemonics, but none employ sonic strategy. Through our “music intelligence” process we revealed how sound could become a “blue thread” to tie the ATB experience across all touchpoints using a more holistic approach. A mnemonic would be a keystone, but only as part of a much more comprehensive “sonic identity system” (SIS) that provides a holistic “sound” for the brand, tying their brand essence together internally, externally and across all touchpoints.

Case study


Music Agency 

Sonic Lens

Qualitative Research Agency

The Rebelles

Implicit Testing Agency
Sentient Decision Sciences

Executive Producers

Marco Vitali 

Andy Ross

Creative Directors

Marco Vitali 

Andy Ross



Glen Cavanagh

Josie Boivin (aka MUNYA)

Marco Vitali

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